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Domestic payment accounts and operations SGM
Transactional account for domestic payments - residents

An account that you can open as a legal person with Podgorička bank will meet the needs of your everyday business operations. In addition to fast service, your Account Officer will be available to help you at any time and solve any of your demands.  

Since payments are the heart of everyday operations, Podgorička banka offers you a fast and reliable cash transfer service in the country.

Transfer orders

The business of your company would be impossible without everyday non-cash payments in the country, and you can have such payments made at any of our branches and by E-banking.  

Cash payments

Podgorička banka is receiving cash payments at all of its branches, with the possibility for you to use the funds immediately. You can also pay in cash after working hours by using the night deposit box service.

Cash disbursements

You can withdraw a needed amount of money to cover your costs (e.g. travel costs) at any of Podgorička banka branches.

If you make an appointment with your Account Officer, all required documentation and desired amount of money will be prepared in advance


Documentation required for account opening

Depending on the kind of company organization we may require the additional documentation:

  • certificate from the Central Registry of the Commercial Court
  • decision on registration in the records of line ministry
  • decision on tax identification number (TIN)
  • decision on appointing the authorized persons
  • balance sheets and profit & loss accounts for two calendar years


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