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Small and medium enterprises

In its efforts to offer you, as a corporate client, the required support in your regular operations and development plans, Podgorička banka provides a wide range of services for your company. 

Whether you need a loan to develop your business or you want to credit the funds, use e-banking and make everyday payments, our Account Officers will be at your service at all times.

Payroll - special offer for your employees

Payroll offer is based on agreement to disburse the salaries of the employees through their transactional accounts with Podgorička banka. If you apply for this service, your employees will have the possibility to use diverse banking products and services with the following benefits:

  • simpler procedure of loan approval
  • more favorable interest rates for loans
  • automatic payment of obligations under loans and cards
  • automatic cash transfer to savings accounts
  • transfer of funds for insurance premium payment and
  • payment of bills for cable TV (BBM, M-kabl) by standing order without additional fees

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