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Steps savings
Steps savings

Steps savings enables you to make regular monthly payments to your savings account and to collect specific amount which you can place as a term deposit again or buy something you need. Save for your summer holiday, purchase of new washing machine, car registration… Save gradually each month, step by step.

Target clients

This type of savings is intended for everyone who wants to allocate a part of their salary to their savings account and increase their deposit. 


  • Monthly deposit may be 10 – 50 euro for Little Steps savings or 50 – 3000 euro for Big Steps savings
  • You may deposit funds to 12 or 24 months depending on your needs and wishes
  • Interest calculation and accrual are made on a six-month basis; after that you can place the funds as a term deposit again or use it for buying what ever you want.


Deposit Protection Fund
Podgorička banka is a member of Deposit Protection Fund. 


When disbursing the interest, the bank calculates the capital income tax on behalf of the clients and for their account and deducts it from the accrued interest and then pays it to the prescribed accounts in accordance with the applicable legal regulations as on the day of interest disbursement. 


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