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Savings for children
Savings for children

Podgorička banka created the savings product Children savings and demonstrated that it cares for the youngest clients.

It is gradual savings account opened by parents to provide better future of their children. The parents pay regular monthly amounts to the savings account until the child turns 18 when the child, who has become an adult, may use those funds for education, satisfaction of some important needs or car purchase.

Target clients

This type of savings is intended for the children whose parents want to plan the financial security of their children.


  • Minimum initial deposit is € 50
  • Minimum monthly cash deposit is € 5, with the standing order it is possible to have minimum payment of € 20
  • In addition to monthly deposits, it is possible to make additional payments and increase the children savings
  • Interest calculation and accrual are made annually and upon the term expiry. 


Deposit Protection Fund
Podgorička banka is a member of Deposit Protection Fund. 


Interest rate for the first year is defined and for all following years, interest rate valid on the first day of the second, of the third year and so on applies.

Effective interest rates equal nominal interest rates.

The agreement intended for this type of savings is signed by a parent or legal representative with the submission of the birth certificate for their minor children. 

When disbursing the interest, the bank calculates the capital income tax on behalf of the clients and for their account and deducts it from the calculated interest and then pays it to the prescribed accounts in accordance with the applicable legal regulations as on the day of interest disbursement. 

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