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Soge classic savings Societe General Montenegro
Classic savings

Classic savings is the savings account which enables you to save your money for a specific time period as you see fit. If you save to collect money for a specific purpose or you simply want to ensure your future, Classic savings is the savings scheme which will provide you with the attractive interest rate with maximum security of your deposit.

Target clients

This type of savings is intended for everyone who wants to save money for a longer period of time and obtain significant interest for term funds.


  • interest calculation and accrual are done after the expiry of term savings after which the funds can be used as a term saving account again  
  • you can save in Euros and USD
  • term savings may be used as collateral when applying for some loans in Podgorička banka


Deposit Protection Fund
Podgorička banka is a member of Deposit Protection Fund. 


When disbursing the interest, the bank calculates the capital income tax on behalf of the clients and for their account and deducts it from the accrued interest and then pays it to the prescribed accounts in accordance with the applicable legal regulations as on the day of interest disbursement


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