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Mobile banking enables to have at any moment simple and quick access to your accounts by mobile phone, as well as plenty information which allow you daily management of your finance.  

Thanks to Mobile banking of Podgorička banka you may dispose with funds from your account and pay liabilities electronically at any place and any time, 24 hours per day, 365 in year.  

This system enables client to perform transactions with all his/her accounts without coming to the bank, as well as to obtain timely information on account statement. 

Target clients

M-banking is intended to all clients who have opened account to Podgorička banka. 

The advantages of M-banking

  • Possibility to overview all accounts, loans and savings at one place,

  • Performing all transactions towards all accounts in domestic payment system

  • Simple use – it is enough for client to have mobile phone with internet connection

  • 0% of fee for transfer of funds to individuals to the accounts in our bank  

  • 0% of fee for transfer of funds to legal persons to accounts in our bank

  • Payment services through M-banking are cheaper than payment services at cashier desk

  • Available information on daily statement and balance changes on account

  • Exchange office is opened from 8 a.m. up to 3 p.m. 

What is necessary for the use of M-banking?

  • Mobile phone with internet connection 

  • Your phone number in the base of Podgorička banka

  • Opened account in Podgorička banka

For download of M-banking:

  • Android phones:

  • iPhone:

How to activate and use M-banking?

You may find the activation and usage instruction here.



Useful information

For more information about M-banking please contact:  

  • 19900Call Centre of Podgorička banka


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