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Transactional account for international paymentas

You can receive any kind of inflow from abroad to your transactional account for international payments with Societe Generale Montenegro (salary, foreign pension, inheritance, gifts and so on). You can pay for the goods and services bought or provided abroad through our bank. This account is available for all residents or non-residents in Montenegro.

International payments

Receiving money from abroad by way of Loro remittances, as the most efficient and safest international payment instrument ensures the availability of your funds under most favorable conditions and in the shortest period of time.  

The bank’s instructions, which have to be submitted to the principal, can be obtained when opening an account with the bank or when needed by the client in any of our branches.

The funds received from abroad are disbursed in the currency in which the money is sent but the clients may also opt to convert them into another currency.

SWIFT code of Podgorička banka is PDBPMEPG.

Sending money abroad (Nostro remittances) allows the clients to send their funds for different purposes (scholarship, gifts and so on) safely to the destination, with the enclosed evidence (invoice, pro forma invoice, agreement…) regarding the payment purpose.

It is necessary to present bank’s instructions of the recipient with the following data so that our Account Officers can make the appropriate payment order:

  • Name, surname and address of the recipient
  • IBAN number of the recipient (combination of letters and numbers indicating the account number of the recipient and their commercial bank)
  • Name, registered office and SWIFT of the bank of the recipient
  • Data on correspondent bank

The fees related to the international payments can be borne by:

  • principal (OUR- the fee is increased for the real costs of the correspondent bank),
  • recipient (BEN- the fee defined by the recipient’s bank) or
  • the costs can be shared (SHA- fees are defined by the bank of principal and by the bank of the recipient).

Aditional service

Societe Generale Montenegro performs the operations of buying and selling the foreign currency notes and bank’s cheques.


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