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Transactional account for domestic payments

Transaction account which you can open with Podgorička banka will meet your needs and ensure a simple access to other modern banking products and services like cards, SMS reporting or e-banking.

You can open the account in any of the branches of our bank and the procedure is simple and easy.

Target clients

Transactional accounts are intended for all residents or non-residents in Montenegro, whether employed or not.


  • account opening procedure is very simple, it is enough to show your valid IDs
  • the funds on your transaction account will generate income as demand interest which is calculated once in a year
  • you may also use other products and services like cards, e-banking, SMS reports
  • you may use the account within Le Club package of products which will enable you to save more
  • there is possibility to open a standing order for different purposes
  • you can get more favorable lending conditions

Additional advantages

In addition to handling their own funds, the beneficiaries of the account with regular income can profit from the overdraft of up to 100% of their monthly income. 

Required documentation

  • Identification documents (ID card or passport)
  • For the clients who want to direct their monthly income to their account in the bank, it is necessary to submit the filled/in form Request/statement to transfer personal income certified by the employer


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