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VISA Bussines Debit

With the Visa Business Debit card your business expenses can easily be kept under control. Make your payments in the country or abroad, and on the Internet without any worries, simply and relaxed.

Basic information

Visa Business Debit payment card is intended to legal entities, clients of Podgorička banka. This payment card can be used for non-cash payments in the country and abroad up to daily and monthly limits defined by yourself (to cardholders) and in line with available funds on your business account.

This card can be used for making payments for material expences in point of sales as representation, office supplies, fuel, and supplier’s invoices in Montenegro and abroad, while online payments are always available.

Company can issue more than one payment card according to its needs.


With Visa Business Debit card you can:

  • Make payments in point of sales

  • Make cash withdrawals at anytime

  • Check your account balance on Podgorička banka ATMs

  • Save time and money while experiencing comfort

  • Control expences with limit defining

If you would like to have this card you may find the form here.

Podgorička banka has provided to its customers, cardholders of MasterCard and VISA, even greater security in transactions on the Internet through a new system of data verification "3D Secure".

The advantages of this system are safe transfer of payment information when performing online purchases, with the participation of the buyer in the transaction payment, as well as control of unauthorized use of the card. More

For easier memory, you can change fast and simply the PIN of your card on our ATMs. Choose the number combination that suits you best and follow the instructions for PIN change of ATM screen. This service will cost you only 1 Euro. 



If you want to know the price terms of products and services, see the tariff.

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