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Card insurance

With a credit card issued by Podgorička banka, customers receive free insurance cover against accident and card theft, provided by UNIQA non-life insurance company of Podgorica.  

Insurance premium is paid by Podgorička banka as long as the client has an active card, or until the client reaches 75 years of age.  

UNIQA provides insurance for the cardholder worldwide in the event of:

  • permanent disability due to accident/incident;
  • death due to disease;
  • death due to accident/incident;
  • card theft or loss;
  • card blocking;
  • replacement of documents and keys lost or stolen along with the payment card.

For additional information, as well as in the case of an insured event, please contact UNIQA Insurance phone number: +382 20 444 700 or e-mail:

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