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Short-Term Loans

Podgorička banka is giving short-term loans that will enable you to respond adequately to any liquidity oscillations during a year. Short-term loans are approved in the form of Overdraft Loans or Revolving credit facility.  

Overdraft Loan is an allowed overdraft on an account and enables easy access to funds you may need to cover daily needs of your business. Credit is approved for up to a maximum amount that the client will use pursuant to his needs. Overdraft interest is charged only for the days in which the funds have been used.

Revolving Credit Facility means multiple use of a loan in tranches, where the sum of used tranches does not exceed the approved loan amount. Credit limit is defined upon the analysis of financial indicators of the company, and interest is paid only for the loan amount being used.


  • Repayment period up to one year.
  • May be used for funding current needs, such as: maintaining short-term liquidity in manufacturing and trade, export finance, payment of services, seasonal requirements, etc.
  • May be used as one-time payment or in successive payments, as requested by the client.
  • May be repaid in equal monthly instalments with contracted fixed final maturity, or as otherwise agreed.
  • Security instruments include: authorisation to issue collection order, bank guarantee, mortgage, fiduciary transfer of title over real estate, pledge on movable assets or securities, and cash deposit. 

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