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If you wish to improve the liquidity of your company, we suggest factoring services of Podgorička banka. Factoring is the product intended for the Bank's corporate clients, whereby the Bank – factor purchases outstanding accounts receivable of the client (goods or services provider) at a discounted value and collects the full amount of those accounts receivable from the buyer (debtor) upon maturity.

For whom is it intended?

Podgorička banka offers the following types of factoring:

  • Factoring with recourse,
  • Factoring without recourse,
  • Reverse factoring.

Factoring with recourse is the type of factoring where the Bank purchases the accounts receivable and, in case of non-collection from the debtor (buyer of goods or services) at maturity, reserves the right to recourse and collects the receivables from the client (supplier of goods or services).

Factoring without recourse is the type of factoring where the Bank assumes the risk of collection and if it fails to collect receivables from the debtor (buyer) at maturity, it does not have a right to recourse against the client (supplier).

Reverse factoring is the type of factoring where the Bank agrees with the buyer of goods or services to finance his suppliers through the purchase of their accounts receivable based on the sale of goods or services to the buyer.


  • Quick and easy way of financing  
  • Enables improvement of company's liquidity  
  • Enhances the client's borrowing capacity  
  • Reduces collection risk

Additional information

  • Factoring is the financing based on invoice, which means that the Bank makes an advance payment of most often 70-90% of the invoice amount, reduced by the commission.  
  • After the invoice is fully paid by the debtor, the Bank pays the remaining invoice amount to the supplier, after deducting interest and possible additional charges.  

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