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Bank as a socially responsible company Societe General
Bank as a socially responsible company

One of the definitions of corporate social responsibility is that it includes a company’s actions towards creating better living and working conditions for the future generations, enabling their continuing improvement and progress. Podgorička banka is making sincere efforts in supporting projects in education, healthcare, culture and so on, which will be useful for our citizens and society for a longer period of time.

We will inform you about the most important projects which were implemented with the support of our Bank.


21. april 2020. Podgorička banka i CKB obezbijedile pakete pomoći najstarijim klijentima sa najnižim primanjima

06. april 2020. CKB i Podgorička banka donirale 100.000€ Nacionalnom koordinacionom tijelu za zarazne bolesti

March 17. 2020. Podgorička banka i CKB donirale Kliničkom centru 20.000€ kao pomoć u pripremi preventivnih aktivnosti

March 08. 2020. Instead of purchase of 8th March gifts, the Bank donated funds to „Association – parents of children with diabetes diseases BETA – Montenegro“

November 08. 2019. Joint donation of CKB and Podgorička bank to „Komanski most“ institution

October 29. 2019. In the Space for Art the exhibition of Ana Miljkovac artworks was opened

September 16. 2019. In the Space for Art the exhibition of Ljiljana Kolundzic paintings was opened

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